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Humbertson Music Studio is run by me, David Humbertson. I offer recitals, masterclasses, clinics, and private lessons. Explore the tabs below to learn more about each service!


A Story Through Music

I offer a unique performance experience with my recitals. Storytelling is a central part of my artistry. Every recital I perform has a story behind the programming which is shared with the audience through a variety of means. I have performed programs depicting love stories, travel stories, and even apocalyptic stories (how appropriate for 2020!). Due to my vast background of performance experience, every recital offers a variety of styles to keep the audience hooked. My past experience includes performing with the Loudoun Symphony Orchestra, The Cumberland Jazz Society Big Band, and the Shenandoah Summer Music Theater 2019 season, just to name a few. 

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Lesson Prices

30-minute lesson: $35

45-minute lesson: $50

60-minute lesson: $70

Private Lessons

With a background in both education and performance I have the knowledge to offer personalized instruction to all of my students. My goal in teaching is to help students achieve their goals. My policy is to encourage students to grow in their ability to not only physically play the trombone but to give them a voice to let out their emotions. I always focus on teaching my students healthy ways to approach playing their instrument and developing their tone. I teach a variety of ages and skill levels and am a firm believer that it’s never too late to start playing a brass instrument. I offer lessons for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and hour long sessions. I also teaching privately at some schools. In school lessons will always be 30 minutes to allow for minimum disruption to your school schedule. 

Humbertson Music Studio: Bio

“David has been a wonderful teacher for my son for the past 3 years. He is professional and Personable. He has many creative ideas for teaching both technique and musicality. My son has grown as both a person and a musician thanks to David.”

Cathy Oldham, Parent

“Mr.Humbertson has helped me tremendously with my sound and with my articulation.  Overall with learning how to play music better and make it more interesting. I thank him for being my teacher and he is a great teacher. He's also very good at explaining things and making it easier to understand. He's a great teacher!”

Emma Abell, Student

“Being a band director, I am extremely impressed with David's teaching ability.  He assesses and adjusts his lessons based on the needs of his students.  I have noticed an amazing growth in Emma's tone production, ear training and ability to assess her own problems and correct them.  David has given this ability to Emma.   He has not only been able to help Emma, but has also offered advice to me to help within my classroom.  David is an amazing educator and I highly recommend him as an instructor.”

Greg Abell, Parent/Band Director

“Since our daughter has started with David, we've noticed several positive changes.  Her practice habits are more structured and productive.  Her tone has opened up significantly and her ability to sustain higher and lower notes has also improved.  She works on sight reading and if she starts to struggle playing it, she backs off playing and starts to sing it so that she can hear it to help her play it.  She is becoming a more independent musician rather than relying on her teacher (be it her band director or personal instructor).  His instruction is very straightforward, but his ability to assess the situation and change the direction of the lesson is stellar.  His expectations are clear and at a high bar and Emma never wants to disappoint him.


On a personal note, when we learned that Mr. Humbertson was moving from our area, Emma was very distraught over losing her instructor and many tears were shed, as he had developed such a great rapport with her.  We are ever so thankful for the ability to keep him as an instructor even though we are now in different states.  His expectations have not waivered and things are still progressing, for which we are grateful.”

Johana Abell, Parent/Band Director

Masterclass/ Clinics

Stories in Sound

 I have a vast selection of masterclasses to offer your students, ranging from the basics of warming up to abstract concepts such as telling a story through recital programming. I have vast knowledge through my personal experience to help your low brass students grow as musicians both technically and artistically. During my graduate school experience, I worked with many schools in Virginia and Maryland to help their students reach the next level of musicianship and receive top honors at their adjudication. 

Humbertson Music Studio: Bio
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